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About Us

OZ Flower Delivery works with the Petals network of florists.

Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. At OZ Flower Delivery, we celebrate every day and every person. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Promotions, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Mothers’ Day, and all other important occasions. Whether you’re picking the perfect bunch of stargazers for a friend, wishing your mother best of luck on her favorite day or celebrating your best friend's birthday with a blend of Poppies and classic Roses, we’re the choice of thousands of Australians when it comes to delivering the perfect bouquet time and time again.

And, this trust, faith, and loyalty have now crossed three decades. Petals Network is celebrating thirty years of relationships, smiles, unforgettable moments, and customer satisfaction.

We began this journey with the unique goal of giving birth to beautiful moments and stories with every flower we sell. As of today, we’re Australia's premier choice of florists. Over the last thirty years, we’ve captured millions of moments in time, dotted the borders on the south and the bays of west with smiles, and scattered joy all around the country, and in all this time, our passion for flowers, for every beautiful powdered bloom, has only found new joy-bound heights.

With over 300 skilled florists and veterans in the flower community, we’ve built a tight-knit, local community we’re extremely proud of. Our brilliant florists are your fans, your flower-pals, and your most sincere champions.

Our flowers are carefully hand-picked, chosen from the best gardens, and renowned for their freshness, beauty, and fragrance. And, we’re excited to bring you a new carnival of selections with our highly-demanded and increasing product line.

We have a flower for every occasion.

A flower for every emotion.

And, a flower for every person.

You trust us to make your moments special, and we promise to never disappoint you.

We deliver to the following areas: Melbourne, Carlton, Docklands, Flemington, Miranda, and many other parts of Australia. Our florists are in Melbourne, VIC 3000, and in different parts of the country.